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Marriott Premier Rewards Business

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Marriott Premier Rewards Business

I've been working on building my business credit and rebuilding my personal credit. I can confrim that the Chase Marriott Premier Rewards Business credit card is NOT subject to Chase 5/24 rule on inquiries as it is for their other cards. I applied for another Chase Busienss card a couple of months ago and was denied due to 5/24 - too may inquiries.


After doing some research and reading up on other people's experience I decided to try and apply for the Marrioot Premier Business Card last week. Application went pending. Just received a letter from Chase in the mail at the office today asking me to call and verify some things. I called and 10 minutes later, approved with $11,000 SL?!


What a way to begin the week! Yes!!! MyFICO forums have helped me beyond anything I could have imagined over the last 1 1/2 years. So worth it...


Now I'm really in the garden until at least December...

In the Garden Until December 2017!
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Re: Marriott Premier Rewards Business

Congrats on your approval! I was recently approved for this card too. Still waiting for it to arrive.
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Re: Marriott Premier Rewards Business

Congrats on the Marriott business card!

Just remember 5/24 has nothing to do with inquiries. It is new revolving accounts only.
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Re: Marriott Premier Rewards Business


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