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Maximizing Rewards (Amex / Capital One)

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Maximizing Rewards (Amex / Capital One)

Good Afternoon!

Not sure if this is the forum area I should post it, but - I was just approved for the Amex SPG Business with a 10,000 dollar limit (yay me)

Is there any way to link rewards accounts to any of my cards? Amex? CO Savor? CO Venture?

For example, where if I bought a jet blue ticket with my amex, the points automatically goto my true blue account?

Or, bought food with my savor I automatically gain points at the restaurant?

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Re: Maximizing Rewards (Amex / Capital One)

If you had a Membership Rewards earning Amex card you could do provided that the loyality program you wished to transfer to was a transfer partner. This isn’t an automated process through. You would need to manually do the transfers.

The Amex SPG cards earns Marriott points directly and will be automatically credited to your Marriott/Starwood combined program loyality account. You are then bound by the transfer partners of marriotts program which are quite substantial but the transfer ratios aren’t typically very good. They do offer a bonus for transferring certain amounts of points.

Capital One Savor is a cash back card so no transfer options there.

Capital one Venture just added a transfer points option to 12 airlines. None of them are US domestic carriers but some of members of various airline alliances so points can be used to book domestic flights. This isn’t an automated process you would need to manually go in and transfer points.

It sounds like you may be interested in an Amex Membership Rewards card , Chase Ultimate Rewards card, or Citi Thank you points card.

Those different card types all allow transferring miles to various airline/hotel programs.

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Re: Maximizing Rewards (Amex / Capital One)

Savor cashback can be converted into Venture miles to use with the transfer partners. This is possible because I have done it.
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