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My Chase Journey - Recent Chase Ink Approvals (Jan/Feb)


My Chase Journey - Recent Chase Ink Approvals (Jan/Feb)

I just want to provide some Chase data points based on my experience the last few months. I was above 5/24 for several years after multiple app sprees. I decided to commit to gardening in 2021 and started a relationship with Chase by opening a checking account in February. I finally got under 5/24 in August. Since then I have opened 5 Chase cards. Generally speaking you probably shouldn't open that many cards with one provider that close together, but I haven't had any issues yet. Here's the timeline for these cards:



Chase Freedom Flex - $21,000 SL

-I got the 30 day message when I first applied, so I called the recon line in order to get the approval. It took over 30 days to finally get a response from Chase that I was approved. I was estatic finally getting my first Chase card.


Chase Sapphire Preferred - $24,400 SL 

-I kind of applied for the CSP on a whim and was surprisingly approved right away.


Amazon Prime Rewards - $15,000 SL

-I also got the 30 day message for this card, but a few days later got the approval message. I didn't need to call the recon line at all.


At this point I thought that I might be opening cards to quickly, and was advised by this community to wait at least 3-6 months between opening cards. Before getting my first Chase card I made it all the way down to 1/24. After getting the Amazon card I was at 4/24 and figured I should take a shot at getting some business cards before I hit the 5/24 mark again. 4 months had passed since first getting the Flex card, so I figured they wouldn't be closing my card after the fact due to me opening more Chase cards so close together. 



Chase Ink Cash - $7000 SL

-I had just started establishing business credit in November and got 2 BOA business cards to start out in December, along with the Amex Business Platinum. Since I was finally getting approved for business cards I figured I should take a shot at this. Originally I got the 30 day message in an email after applying, but got a follow up emailing telling me I was approved a day or two later.


Chase Ink Unlimited - $12,000 SL

-At this point I feel like I'm really pushing it with opening my 5th Chase account in 5 months. This was the first one that I opened less than a month following the previous Chase card. 


All in all I submitted a lot of applications to Chase in the past year. A couple of my applications were denied back in April and May, when I had thought I fell below 5/24 but apparently didn't. They pulled a mix of Experian and Equifax for the applications. I think sometime in March I am going to apply for the Chase Ink Preferred to finish off my journey with Chase for awhile.


I received the following SUBs for these cards:

Freedom Flex - $200

Sapphire Preferred - $600

Amazon Prime - $200

Ink Cash - 75,000 points

Ink Unlimited - 75,000 points


Question; is it possible to open more than 1 of each Chase Business card under the same EIN/LLC? I've heard of people opening 1 under their SSN and one under their EIN, but don't know if I want to do that. Is it not possible to just open two of the same cards under the same business name? If so I might consider opening more Ink Cash or Unlimited cards. 

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Re: My Chase Journey - Recent Chase Ink Approvals (Jan/Feb)

Congrats on the approvals! Thank you very much for sharing such detailed data points as I am looking to get an INK card soon and I have 3 other personal chase cards.


I'm sorry I can't give advice on whether multiple cards are allowed for different businesses in the Chase ecosystem, but someone else will likely share an answer for that soon. Cheers and good luck! Smiley Very Happy

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