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NFCU Applications

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NFCU Applications

I understand when apping for business products anything over 25k on one application requires a financial statement to be filled out, but what if i filled out 3 separate apps for three separate products. For instance 24k loan, 24k credit card, and 15k bcloc since they do a HP for each product any way. Will they require a financial statement after the first application is submitted. Any advice would be appreciated. FYI, I don't mind doing a financial statement I already have a 15,000 flagship and a 25000 platinum cc on the personal side. 

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Re: NFCU Applications

With NFCU biz you are assigned a business lending officer who reviews all your apps so it will probably not be able to game the system( for lack of a better term.)

The business side of NFCU is no where near as generous with limits as the personal side.

It is well documented here on this forum.

They tend to act more like a conservative bank.

Much lower limits and more scrutiny.

So unless your personal scores ,credit history, and biz revenue are reflective of getting $60K+ in lending products from let's say Chase or Amex then seeking that much credit would be possible with NFCU biz also.

But if they are not it is highly doubtful to get those kind of limits across multiple products..... especially all at once.





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