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NFCU Business CC+BLOC=1 EX Pull

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NFCU Business CC+BLOC=1 EX Pull

Just data point for anyone looking at app'ing.  No one called/emailed to let me know- are they supposed to? (logged in and seen them appear)


  • Asked/Approved for 15k  business Mastercard, 10k bloc. 
  • App'd 01/04/19 (fri)
  • Pulled EX 790FICO (only 1 HP for both Products)
  • Approved 01/10/19 (thurs; 4th businss days)
  • Im in California.
  • 3 personal cards w them
  • 1 PLOC
  • 1% Util
  • Denied last summer for same products
  • Run 100k+/month through my Business checking w them
  • Business is 1 year old
  • No POI/additional dox requested

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Re: NFCU Business CC+BLOC=1 EX Pull

Would you mind sharing the terms of the BLOC?

Is the is business checking LOC or the other business LOC product?

Is it a better rate than the PLOC?




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