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Nav pay monthly monitoring ?

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Nav pay monthly monitoring ?

Does anyone use this to monitor their business credit and if so what to expect ?

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Re: Nav pay monthly monitoring ?

I do and only because I needed a spend on card. I paid for one quarter to really just see what the lenders that would match with my profile. There is also the highest tier that will get you access to the Fico SBSS I believe. It is useful if you have more than one business to monitor and would like to see what your odds are for financing and credit cards.


Example: I learned about Kabbage lol through them and got approved for 20K LOC. It did cost me a HP on Experian through Kabbage.


Nav does a good job showing you the pro's and con's of what you may be applying for. 


They do use Vantage score btw.


Good luck

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Re: Nav pay monthly monitoring ?

I've been paying for nav for about six months. It shows my Experian business report and DnB report. It also shows my personal reports for Experian and Trans Union. Out of those the Experian business is the only one that you really have to pay for to get it. The others are free (DnB through their creditsignal, TU through credit karma, experian personal through experian). Annual access to the experian credit report is 180(up front) I believe, and nav is 25 a month which comes out to 300 a year. You could get by with just paying for the experian credit through experian and just access the other ones through their free websites.


Will probably cancel soon, but honestly it's so much easier for me to just go through nav to see the other scores that I could get free elsewhere, especially the DnB report and the experian personal report. I hate their websites tbh. Other things to note are that with nav the reports are updated monthly, and if you have accounts reporting to experian business it'll show you that score. For my business it just says that there's one account reporting and that's not enough to generate a score, but I also don't see a report for it either. 

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