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Need help with business credit quesiton

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Need help with business credit quesiton

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The only ones I know of which report to personal credit are Capital One, TD Bank, and Discover.

Do you know if it reports both positive and negative info on the personal report for TD Bank? I can add it to our list

Yes that's what I mean when I say it reports to personal credit. Because they all report negative stuff to personal credit as far as I know.


It just reports the same information to your personal credit as a personal credit card would.


Which for me is bad because I want to be able to use the business card freely, without having to think about how it might affect utilization.

I Teach Gymnastics and im the owner how would I start to apply for like business credit cards?

or like checking into getting a loan to bulid a gym? thanks

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Need help with business credit question

@CGCGYM I create a new thread for you as you posted in middle of a long thread discussing something else.   This will get you more exposure as well, please feel free to change the topic of the post as well  as put a generic title so it didnt have same as old thread that this question was in middle of.

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Re: Need help with business credit quesiton

It depends on how you are set up currently. If you have a more 1 on 1 scenario with clients, I would say become a sole prop. Once you have done that you are able to apply for business credit cards which will rely on a PG from your personal report. I would try to go with one that reports to some if not all of the business CRA's.


I get my loan information from Nav and it gives me an idea of what is available to me for my business.


I hope this helps.

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