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New business mini-app spree DPs

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New business mini-app spree DPs

I'm starting a new business, so I decided to go on a mini-spree and get some new accounts started:

Scores are in the 775-790 (FICO 8) range across the board, 7-10 INQs on each, few new accounts last year, fairly low UTIL (although I did do 0% financing on a new furnace/AC so it looks like one acct is using 85% of avail credit :\ but that didn't seem to hurt scores TOO badly)


US Bank Business Select Rewards Visa - 20K bonus for $1K spend - $13K SL (TU)

Wells Fargo Business Platinum Cash Back - $500 bonus for $3k spend - $7500 SL (EX)

Barclay's AA Aviator Business MC - 50K miles on first purchase - $9K SL (TU)

AmEx Simply Cash - $13.5K SL (no pull)


Only one denial:
BoA Business Cash Rewards (TU) - "no existing relationship, deposits, etc." - which is funny since I do have an Alaska Air card through them, but oh well Smiley Wink


Overall, I'd consider it pretty successful Smiley Happy 2 of the 3 bonuses are done already, just waiting for them to post!


(TU Split File - FIXED!)
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Re: New business mini-app spree DPs

Congrats on the new cards!

BofA can be weird like that sometimes. I got denied a business card, and I have a checking account and 2 credit cards with high limits. I even asked the supervisor during recon what the minimum SL was, and he said $2k. I asked him to move $2k from my other cards and he wouldn't do it.
Then, I go to my personal accounts because I was eligible for a CLI on both, and got an additional $27.3k between the 2 cards ($18k and $9.3k). I ended up with almost $70k in CLs, but he wouldn't help me by moving a measly $2k from my existing lines.
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Re: New business mini-app spree DPs

After viewing the Boa Business card online I kept getting emails suggesting I apply for it.

Given these 2 datapoints I am glad I decided not to.

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Re: New business mini-app spree DPs

Congrats on the approval and thanks for sharing data points!!!

BOA online getting lot of denails.I know few folks, who  got approved at the branch.seems odds are high at the  branch

Wondering why you have not considered NFCU Bussiness cards. Does US Bank and WF Business accounts  also reports to personnel ?

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