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Offer to apply for Chase Ink Business Unlimited


Re: Offer to apply for Chase Ink Business Unlimited

They do exclude themselves but only the business cards 

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Re: Offer to apply for Chase Ink Business Unlimited

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BTW, if you're going to apply for a Chase business card, IMHO you should do it before rather than after the personal card, since then it won't be counted among "recent" accounts in 5/24.

Thanks for the thorough explanation. It’s very helpful. I thought Chase excluded themselves from the 5/24 rule. I’m currently at 3/24 with Discover, Chase FU and FNBO Evergreen.

Until the new accounts report (which can take ~30 days or so), you're still under the 5/24 count.  So, if you strategize/time things just right, you can potentially still go for the CIU card.

As soon as that last baddie falls off of TU, I'm apping for CIU and CSP. With good limits on the both of those, I will go back to the garden for a while.

ETA: I will ask for a CLI on my SWPC at that same time. I haven't had an increase in 2.5 years. SL was $26.7K and got auto CLI to current limit about six months after I opened it.

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