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Opening Chase Bus. Checking help with CC?

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Re: Opening Chase Bus. Checking help with CC?

I can't say for certain on their business products, but I've read several places (including these forums) that Chase *does* value a banking relationship.


This is on the PERSONAL side of the house, but I was denied for CSR, opened and funded a personal checking account and two business accounts (because hey, chase DOES have some decent business lending products), recon'd, and magically was approved.  Would I have gotten approved AND my 16k (largest by far of any of my cards) SL had I not opened that account?  Doubtful.  


Again - YMMV... I can't say FOR CERTAIN that opening the account helped me........ but I have very good reason to believe IT DID.



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Re: Opening Chase Bus. Checking help with CC?

You will have a greater chance of pre-approvals when opening a business checking account. When I opened my business checking with Chase on Christmas Eve, the branch manager informed me that I was pre-approved for one of the Ink Cards. I chose the Preferred. He had to call customer service after the app and they informed me that I was denied because they needed to verify my EIN, which I had given to the branch manager but he did not upload the docs to the system. I was told to call back in four hours (random) after the branch manager uploaded my information. When I called later that day, I was placed on hold and he came back and said I was approved for $25K. One of the best Christmas gifts I had received.


Listen, my business was fresh! I had just received my Articles and EIN maybe two weeks prior. The Ink Preferred was my first business card with Chase; however, I did have a personal Southwest card opened in 2016. Btw, I was over 5/24 and will not be under until April 2019.


1) Yes, it helps to have a prior relationship with Chase.

2)You will get offered pre-approvals when opening business account in Branch

3) Always apply in branch when possible. I will only apply in Branch in future

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