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Question about phones services for 411 listings

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Question about phones services for 411 listings

Hello everyone


I've recently started a TV Repairing business under LLC.

I incorpated and gotten the EIN number and location.

Now it's times for me to get the phones number setup so i can get calls.


I am considering VOIP services and Landlines right now.


They are boths inexpensive to get since all I need is a number that forward to my cell phones, because i am mostly on the road and wont be at the office.

Does anyone know any comapny that has cell phones for business that will list my business on the 411 directory


I am trying to list my business with the 411 local directories. does it matter if its VOIP OR landlines? which one do you guys prefer?


If anyone have any experience or suggestion on which services provider or company i should go with please let me know.


I am looking at either Vonage biz phone lines and Jives for VOIP

and Verizon and ATT for land lines but they are more expensive.


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