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SP Biz Credit Cards

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Re: SP Biz Credit Cards

@Janus wrote:

@jaxstraw wrote:

From the limited info I have searched on this forum I believe Citizens Bank is a SP on EX.

It was also suggested they pull a biz report but that was not clearly stated.

Like I said the info was sparse and vague-ish about all DP's

I actually applied yesterday morning.

No alert on any service for a report pull yet.....but it's the weekend.

So I'm guessing there never was a HP for this? Though I'm sure your BIZ credit is well established enough for a SP to work. 


No HP reported yet and I'm fairly certain now there will be none.

Somebody pulled my biz credit though through EX.....I imagine it's Citizens.

No email or notification as far as determination.


For DP's though...

My Biz EX is at 94 with I believe 9 tradelines....maybe more.

Personal scores all in the low to mid 700's

The only factors lately at times are too many inqs and new accounts when I get denied.

Will update when I know something.


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Re: SP Biz Credit Cards

@ricerobert132 wrote:

Does anybody know if there are any Business Credit Cards that does only Soft Pull instead Hard Pull? 

Amex, if your're a current cardholder or invited.

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