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Sams Club MC CLI almost double....

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Sams Club MC CLI almost double....

Applied and approved for Sam Club. Biz MC in June 2019...$10k SCL.

I put it through some good use .... especially gas for the 5% rewards.

Synchrony gave me an auto CLI to $11k I believe at the 6 month mark ( or somewhere about that time.

I called in about a year ago and requested a CLI to $20k and was told by the CSR it was granted but noticed my statement said only $13k....called back and was told after some further review they couldn't go that high and CSR was being overuled.

Odd because I always thought it was computer generated.

So this morning I decided to try for the $20k again after using the card regularly...PIF....and waiting for some time to accrue.

This time the CSR says I didn't get approved for the $20k CL but they were offering $25k CL if I wanted that....did I want to accept the new number ???

Well duh ????

It showed up instantly on my web page so I guess it won't be retracted like last time.

I'm wondering how high others have got their CL on the Same Club Biz MC ?

I'm not looking for it anytime soon but Synchrony can be pretty generous depending on what product you have and use.



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Re: Sams Club MC CLI almost double....

Nicely done!  Congratulations on your healthy SYNC bump!!!🥂🍾🎉

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Re: Sams Club MC CLI almost double....

Congratulations for your Sams Club Card CLI.

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Re: Sams Club MC CLI almost double....

Funny you should ask that question @jaxstraw 


I was turned down for CL increases on my Sam's MC in Oct. and Nov. It has been at 33k for about 8 or 9 months. I asked for around 40k each time. Denied. Synchrony's reasons for denial included:


Low payments, insufficient time since account opened, high utilization, and delinquency in the last 6 months on the account.


None of it was true! I told Credit Solutions you pulled the wrong report. "Sorry" we cannot approve your CLI twice.


Finally after cooling off for a couple months and talking with customer service and credit solutions I tried again...last week.


Asked for $45k and was approved. What a circus! Can't make any sense out of Synchrony. Very unpredictable/inept.



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