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The Quest For Chase Ink..APPROVED

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Re: The Quest For Chase Ink..APPROVED

@Credit-hoarder wrote:

@inaximous: Yeah--what you said about pairing CSP with INK is what I actually meant. If I wanted to get the most out of my INK pts. it's best to have CSP to transfer the pts. over to for travel purposes. Besides in looking at the application now for CSP--it now comes with a range of APRs from 18.24% to 25.xx%--whereas when I got mine almost 5 years ago it was one set APR for all applicants. I decided to hang onto mine b/c I currently have the lowest APR available for that card--and if I were to close mine and re-apply later I could get stuck with the highest one instead.


Here's another idea just in case. If you don't have plans to transfer UR points anytime soon, you could always play the downgrade-upgrade game. Basically, PC your CSP to another card to save an upcoming annual fee. Eventually, you can PC back to the CSP or CSR when ready to use those URs. Your account terms won't change, so you'll keep your APR if that's a big deal to you. Chase pro-rates your AF if you've already paid it.

We did this when we decided to leave the UR ecosystem for a while to avoid paying a fee for a card we weren't going to use in a long time. 

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