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Too Early for AMEX Business Card?


Too Early for AMEX Business Card?

My scores are around 745 +/- several points. No negatives. With them I already have:
-- AMEX Platinum 1 year 1 month old ($30K pay-over-time enabled, not used)
-- $18K personal loan from November, so only 3 payments have been made thus far.

Next week I'll open an LLC and would need / like to have a business credit card. What are my chances? And which card you'd recommend to target?

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Re: Too Early for AMEX Business Card?

I’d say go for it. You seem to be in AMEX’s good graces.

As for a specific card, it really depends on your business’ needs and spend. That said, I’m currently putting the majority of my spend through the Simply Cash card. The BBP should also be looked at as well and could be, arguably, the most versitile card for non-category spend.
Personal Credit -
AMEX: Platinum, Green, Cash Magnet, Delta Gold
PNC: Cash Rewards
NFCU: Flaghship Rewards, Cash Rewards, CLOC
PSECU: Founders
CapOne: Quicksilver
Discover: IT Chrome
Synchrony: PayPal 2%, PayPal Credit
Store Cards: Target
AU Cards: Citi Rewards+

Business -
AMEX: Blue Business Plus, Amazon Prime, Simply Cash
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Re: Too Early for AMEX Business Card?





Agree with the above response and good point on  BB vs Simply Cash .


Some data points if it helps -

BB is also our first business card , which approved last week for 2K Smiley Sad SL since we dont have any prior relation with amex.Pulled Ex-750

I am seeing posts, where usual SL at 9K and no HP for most.  If it is HP, probably good to add Business charge card on the same day (unless chase ink  in ur plan.Not sure whether chase considers business  accounts in 5/24).




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Re: Too Early for AMEX Business Card?

Re: being in AMEX's "good graces" I just took a look at my 2018 summary - $41,285.75 spent and paid? Does the amount of the monies spent play an important role for them when they are making a decision or is it irrelevant?

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Re: Too Early for AMEX Business Card?

I don’t think spend matters too much, I put 75k spend between September 2018 and December 2018 on my Amex Gold Business card and applied for the BBP in January 19 and only got a 2k limit
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