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Too Early for AMEX Business Card?

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Re: Too Early for AMEX Business Card? (UPDATE)

A few thoughts:

First, I wouldn’t put a lot of weight in your POT limit. The POT limits don’t really translate to SLs. Just because AMEX hands out a $30k POT limit doesn’t mean they’d issue the same person a credit card with a $30k limit.

Secondly, depending on your income, you already have decent exposure to AMEX with the Platinum and the personal loan. Especially so if you don’t have a long history with AMEX.

Lastly, you said your business was new so I can’t imagine you could have listed a huge yearly revenue.

Use your $2k limit responsibly and it will grow. Also, don’t forget that you can often spend over your SL (would have the PIF any amount over your established SL on your statement due date, however). There is a “check your spending power” tool for the BBP just as there is for your Platinum card.

Congrats on the approval! It’s a great card.
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