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US Bank Pre-Approvals (for business?)

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Re: US Bank Pre-Approvals (for business?)

@Achieving wrote:

Sorry, I forgot which board I was on.  You're right.

Edit: Not to hijack this thread, but what's your opinion of NFCU business accounts?  They're next on my radar I think.

I just got approved the other day for business credit w them.  11.99apr, hidden trade line, 1point per dollar spent, no fees.... so cant be be bad lol.  I dont like how payments are delayed/dont show and ive overpaid on the personal side a bunch of times.  Also if you run a bunch of transactions for whatever reason their online system isnt setup to show them all/overloads.  They tell me I can call in if I have transaction questions but not very helpful when I have a few hundred transactions a month.

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