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USB Biz Cash Rewards WEMC approved..$12K!!!

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Re: USB Biz Cash Rewards WEMC approved..$12K!!!

@Pizza1 !!!!!

Muchos Congrats!

@pizza1 wrote:

WHOA! Totally shocked...anyway, received a Pre-selected mailer for the Business Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard with a confirmation code, set apr of 19.24%, and intro 0% for 15 billing cycles on purchases and BT's. My set APR is middle of the road, and not bad considering the ranges are 14.24%-25.24%. 


 Went online to their biz offer website, and filled out application (it did ask for confirmation code from mailer).  Went pending, (not surprised), and tonight checked my online accounts, and there it was!!! SL of $12K!!!!! 


Ive had their personal card Cash+ $5K,  and the business select Visa $6K for over a year now in good standing, and also have my biz checking with them.  Pulled TU  personal (FICO 08- 720 fico 09- 761),  and EX business.  Im one happy gal here! 


Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 10.30.56 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-10-12 at 10.28.42 PM.png


NFCU Flagship 74k-United Plus Explorer-50k-QS 25k-Avianca 28.8k-Cabelas 24k-Lowes 35k-USAA Amex 32k-FNBO Plat 31k-Numerous others at 20k and below
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