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Virtual offices.....good or bad?

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Virtual offices.....good or bad?

I'm a little confused on reading the forums about this subject. In regards to getting started with Net 30 accounts and the SOS articles, it is ok to have a virtual office or a physical location? Does it really matter?


I have already recieved my EIN but want to do my articles for my LLC this week. I ask this question because I currently reside in one state and want to start the business in another state. I will move to the business location next year but in the meantime I want to get started establishing the business credit. I want to do this right. If I get a physical location right now I have to remember that noone will physically be in the office. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Virtual offices.....good or bad?

Virtual offices are just fine.. I obtained ALL my Net 30s using one. They generally have mail forwarding available too. PM me for my opinion on your best option.

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Re: Virtual offices.....good or bad?

OP, if you haven't established the LLC yet, (which it sounds like you haven't) you don't have an EIN for it yet. You get a new EIN for every business entity you create. (you have to apply for them *after* establishing the entity) : )

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Re: Virtual offices.....good or bad?

Always use the actual address where you do business even if it is a home office.. initially with the standard net 30's it won't be a issue but as you move on it may be.

Common virtual office addresses raise flags with certain companies and can get your credit file flagged.


I should add if you can find a small local virtual office those are very good to use as long as they don't show up easily on Internet searches.. Or better yet start your own virtual address service.. It's not to hard to find a cheap office space for let's say a couple hundred dollars and sell the service for $50 per month and limit the amount of clients you will have even just 10 and your making $300 a month and you usually just forward the mail once a week.

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Re: Virtual offices.....good or bad?

If you are a Small Businessmen and don't have a Porfessional Adderss, pissed off managing documents, can't afford much in hiring Back Office Staff, then using services of any Virual Office provider will definitely help you in all sorts. But make sure about their authenticity. Unless they are authentic, there is no harm using their services.

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Re: Virtual offices.....good or bad?

princechristian wrote:

Virtual offices are just fine.. I obtained ALL my Net 30s using one. They generally have mail forwarding available too. PM me for my opinion on your best option.



These days with all the technology available, a virutal office is the way to start and build a business.  Never hire or pay any employees until you absolutely must in order to expand.  The key in business has and always will be to minimize costs and spend ONLY if it leads to an increase in revenue.


Credit wise, most will understand and accept virtual offices as quite normal these days.

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Re: Virtual offices.....good or bad?

I think virtual ofice is good because of a number of advantages:

The first advantage is you will definitely reduce costs in employment, transportation and monthly bills. Surely, you don't have to buy a new car just to go to the office; this also includes your employees. Equipment costs can also save you money including the services of a janitor or a handyman to change the light bulb in your office.

It also saves you time in preparing the any office work. As long as you have the right equipments in an office like telephone, internet, computer and other files that you need then everything will work out just fine just like in a traditional office.

You can also set your own time in working. Since nobody will see you and no one will take a look at your working hours, you can do your work using your available time. Just make sure that you can finish your tasks on time.

Another advantage of having a virtual office (Mod cut-link) is that you can transact with a business prospect without meeting personally. You can get in touch online via webcam and have a conference. It is also very convenient especially when the person you would like to transact with is in another country or another location in your area.

The work force can be more productive at the same time while having their "virtual work". You can do laundry if you are at home or you can go to the mall and shop for any item you want.

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