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Wells Fargo Biz Cards Security?

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Wells Fargo Biz Cards Security?

I noticed 2 nights ago when doing my "let's make sure the cards are okay" stint and found a big honking "You're account has been restricted, call us ... " note on my Wells Fargo business card. 


Now, I've read quite a few posts here and other sites about how Wells Fargo is good at catching fraud. Sure enough someone charged $119.65 against the Amazon.IT site (italy version) and another charge to They blocked chewy after the amazon charge and will send me the docs to make sure the charge is removed and fraud claim submitted. 


However, I feel like I've read too many posts about how good they are at this, vs the core issue, why are Wells Fargo business cards so susceptible to fraud? So Yes I'm glad they caught it, but is there a gap in their setup somewhere that they've royally beefed up their 'look for funkiness' department because they just can't stop it?


You have enough cards and these things will happen, but WF is regularly plagued with it. It's not earth shattering, but my two cents

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