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Wells Fargo Business Platinum ..........


Wells Fargo Business Platinum ..........

Hello friends... 

I have brand new business (Corp), and needed a checking account, so wells fargo business checking 300$ bonus really looked good and went to branch... which opening account banker  asked me if i have any bsuiness credit , I said Not At all. he asked my credit score, its 843 tu and 844 exp. he said i should get a pre approved business credit offers which he is opening up the account, and YES he said i have pre approved offer for platinum business credit card with limit of 25,000$ , i was really? but i dont have bsuiness credit at all, i was thinking to maybe open up secured bsuiness credit card to start biz credit going, 

he said its based off my personal history, since i am liable for this account...i was like okay sure let me have it...

I am so happy to get this tradeline for my business ( does this even report to business CRA's? helping my business build + history??/?)

can someone please shed some light on this...

Looks like all was done with only a SP because i did not get a hard pull for checking or credit card... * I checked reports *

there is also 200$ bonus on chase bsuiness checking which i am gonna go for next week, hopefully i will get pre app for ink card too..

lets suppose if i get this ink chase bsuiness card too... would these 2 trade line help my business build some credit.. should i also add amex bsuiness?  I have no problem PG'ing my accounts, atleast in the start.

Thanks in advance..

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Re: Wells Fargo Business Platinum ..........

Thanks to everyone who read my post. 

went to chase opened up business account and NO pre approvals, nothing. I wont count on getting anything from them IF i applied for it... because they closed 5 of the chase cards i had, with perfect payment history, their reason was... I have too much available credit.

I will probably just take 200$ bonus and close account after 6 months, if no pre approvals.


My question is still there, Does wells fargo business credit card build business credit???

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Re: Wells Fargo Business Platinum ..........

Congrats on the Wells Fargo success!  I don't have any of their business products so maybe someone else can chime in about who they report to.


How long ago did Chase close your personal cards?  Their business underwriting seems to be a bit more stringent than the personal cards, especially if you have to endure the 20 minute phone interrogation with one of their underwriters.

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Re: Wells Fargo Business Platinum ..........

Hi... i think i got my first chase card in 2007 or 06 .i had 5 credit cards when in 2015 they closed em all at once, and send me 5 letters telling me yhe reason which is i have mire than enough credit elsewhere. I think i had total of 1/2 million in available credit , they wont touch me now because i have now 830k in available credit. All personal. I never missed them at all now its that not too many major players in business lending thats why i kinda think of them.
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Re: Wells Fargo Business Platinum ..........

Hi, I have the wells fargo platinum business credit card and am sad to tell you it DOES NOT report on your business credit. I've had the card for over teo years and have maintained perfect payment history only to find out just last week that this information isnt reported anywhere! Not even on my personal credit.
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