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What could be the problem?

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What could be the problem?

Have been reading these forums for quite sometime and have applied a lot of what I have learned, both personally and professionally.   My business is close to 15 years old and we have been blessed.  We have no debt, a retail location, etc., but over the six months I have really been working to build business credit separate from my personal with no PG.  My Experian Business Score is 67, but the only thing reporting on it is a personal card that we use for business sometimes but pay off monthly.  My D&B shows a Paydex of 80 now with a couple of tradelines reporting, which I thought was the bomb.  Yet I still apply at places like Dell, Staples, Office Depot, Home Depot, etc. just to get something reporting and all get declined without a personal guarantee because of not being able to find any info on my company.  Not sure how that is when we have both Experian and D&B showing something.  Can someone enlighten me or tell me what I could be doing wrong.


Thanks in advance...

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Re: What could be the problem?

Not sure anytime recently but I have had to call in the past when dealing with GE backed cards to have a manual review done just so they can search out and find the company... sometimes a , or LLC or DBA might get lost in the computer or something.... Usually if you can help in directing them it helps... I am the type of person who will "argue" until I get what I want... you have to find the tone that keeps them from hanging up on you but yet make them find the answer that makes you right and them approve you!! Smiley Happy


it's time consuming... but depending how much time you want to spend or stickler on no PG... might be faster and easier to get a couple LARGE PG Credit Line accounts and then you will be off and running IF any of the store cards would be ANY benefit at all!

GE - Sams, Amazon, Walmart, Chevron, Lowes, etc.

Citi - Home Depot, Costco (very hard to find the HSBC -maybe now Capital One Store Card not the Amex Costco... most employees don't even know and you need a paper application)

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Re: What could be the problem?

As long as the correct info is listed on your reports ( business name address, phone number etc.) they should be able to find it with out a problem but some times for what ever reason it just gets missed but after applying a couple times they will get it to talk to some one.

But those accounts you mentioned aren't starter type accounts which may sound funny because your not a new business but it seems like you just started building business credit correct. All those places you mentioned like to see a decent credit file and a good long business history which you already have. You just need a few good trades reporting. Anything over a $1000 is good and right around $5000 is a very good number. The more the better but quality is better then quantity meaning high trades. The thing is some places may think your having a cash flow problem now since you have been in business so long with out using any business credit and now you need it. So just go slow other wise you risk getting the company flagged.
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