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can i open a bank account

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can i open a bank account

i formed an LLC about 8 months ago.  i have my tax id from the IRS and i have this LLC registered with the state.  i did all the leg work for the business to get up and running.  i even purchased a year of liability insurance before i even made one nickel. 


long story short...i never solicited any work.  i never opened a bank account.  i got so busy with my 9-5 and my wedding that i didnt have any time to pursue this extra gig ive wanted too.  the LLC was formed and registered but i never sold anything.  not one payment was ever recorded either cash or check!


fast forward to now, i have the time to do this.  i want to dive back into this venture.  can i walk into my bank with my tax id and state registered certificate and open a basic business account?

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Re: can i open a bank account

Most likely, yes.


As with any new account, shop around first.   Many banks have fees and/or requirements for a business account.  You will want to get the best

deal for you.  Be honest with the phone person you speak to.


If it were me calling banks, I would not give my full name or my business name or my phone number.  Just in case you gather information and tailor YOUR presentation to their requirements.  You don't want them to remember you said something different.


If it were me calling banks, I would not do so from work either or where a co-worker could overhear the call.

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Re: can i open a bank account

Absolutely, you don't even have to go to a bank -- I signed up for my small business checking account with BoA online, before I sold anything as well.

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Re: can i open a bank account

 Who has your personal banking business? Go see them. I learned a long time ago to build a relationship with a bank and leverage it as needed. When something goes wrong you can call someone that knows who you are and they will take care of it as best as they can - or save a few bucks a month on fees (incedentally a tax write off) and become a faceless customer. 


I'm no baller but when I walk into my Chase branch each employee of the bank says hello to me and knows my name. My banker will bring me a cup of coffee or a cup of  kool-aid when he's got a second and I am in teller line (kool-aid is a inside joke but I drink it). I can call him anytime and he helps. He calls me to check in, so does the branch manager. I have never paid an account fee with Chase to date. Yes I have sufficient funds on deposit to cover those thresholds but a good banker will show you how to avoid those fees. They will also help you on a path of business credit when the time comes. 

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Re: can i open a bank account

Yes! everyone here is right. That's all you need pus your id ofcourse. Alot of banl have special promotions and also offer free first time checks including binder,stamps, and deposit slips. Als alot of bank are offering minimum deposits with no monthly minimum fee. Like $25 minimum deposit to open. I currently have 3 business accounts, Wells Fargo, TD Bank and Soveriegn Bank.

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