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how many cards for different company/llc

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how many cards for different company/llc

I have personal credit cards that i use for both personal and business purposes. AMEX platinum $20k limit, bofa personal CC $30k, barclay personal $3,800.

I have a LLC I pay everything out of. My LLC is 3 years old and I have a wells CC $2k limit almost paid to zero but wells has terminated my relationship so I cant use it anymore. I also have a business that is a corporation, its been in business for 2 years and I have a $750k line with a hard lender. I just got approved for a AMEX business Plum card $45k limit and a bofa business cc with $8,500 limit for my LLC. Those 2 cards i applied for and were approved for last week. If I apply for more business credit cards in corporation, not the LLC I used for the 2 new cards, will they cross paths? Will it be harder for me to be approved for 2 cards with my corporation since I was just approved for my LLC? My experian is 683 now w high credit utilization on my personal cards. 


My real desire is a business LOC but my books are not kept too well and I am worried about the application process. My tax returns dont show much profit for my LLC and my corporation taxes are filed as an extension.



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Re: how many cards for different company/llc

I was able to open the business MC for two different tax IDs with BoA. (Combined two HPs into one)
I was going to garden... Honest!
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