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secured business credit card?

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secured business credit card?

Need help finding a secured business credit card for a new business (3 years old but never had credit) I dont want an inquiry on myself if I can help it.


So either no credit check or Tax ID only OR soft pull..


any ideas? 

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Re: secured business credit card?

no one? 

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Re: secured business credit card?

Hi ,


Me and a friend build business credit and it is very hard to get one with out a PG (using ur SSN) . I would recommend doing a free trial with NAV so you can see where you stack up for LOC from fundbox etc. The only secured biz card you can obtain will be Wells Fargo and it will be an inq on your report. PS . Lots of bad reviews and taking forever to unsecure 

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Re: secured business credit card?

which of these report to business reports?

Equifax - 628, Experian -627, Transunion- 654 In the garden until 01/01/2019
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Re: secured business credit card?

@credit_is_crack wrote:

Hi All, 


When looking to open business credit cards, something that influences my decisions are:

  • Which banks report business card activity to business credit reports?
  • Which banks report business card activity to personal credit reports?
  • Which banks report business card activity to which business credit reporting agencies? (D&B, SBFE, EX & EQ)

I think some of us have searched for this at one point or another. Came across a link (thanks @Revelate) that had it so wanted to share a brief chart that answers those questions in case anyone else was thinking the same. This is just to share banking practices, and who banks engage when you open up a business credit card with them. These are always subject to change and very much a YMMV situation, but it's nice to have a reference point. We're just sharing our personal experiences and lumping them onto a consolidated list. Between other sites and here, I just pulled the DP's together to show in spot. 


The list I don't have (and if someone does please share) is which banks pull which Business CRA's from below when applying for business cards. Hope this helps! Link: 


Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 8.52.06 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 9.36.09 AM.png




These Banks, according to this post from another thread. However, I do not know if it's the same for Scured cards.

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Re: secured business credit card?

what is the size of the secured card you are looking for?


How much of a security deposit?


I know firsthand Bank of America DOES have a business corporate liability only credit account... that CAN be secured.  


Also I heard about the

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