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AMEX 3x CLI - 7-10 day message

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Re: AMEX 3x CLI - 7-10 day message



So maybe cut a few low limits and app for new cards? Or just cut the low limit cards and wait?


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Re: AMEX 3x CLI - 7-10 day message

Is there any utility for hitting up the chat feature for a recon/clarification?


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Re: AMEX 3x CLI - 7-10 day message

I would cut some of the less useful cards from the mix just for sanity sake.  


Recon on a CLI is pointless... just give it some time.  


Resist the urge to try to add more to your collection though.  20+ accounts w/ low limits isn't going to score a 5-10K CL from experience.  


Sift through them and figure out which ones have growth potential and hit them as hard as you can for CLI's within their specific time frames that they allow.  


Make sure the ones you want to grow see use/payments every month... don't worry about reporting a balance since you should find some options of either a low monthly bill or amazon reloads for $5/mo.  The activity will keep the computer happy and result in more favorable CLI experiences.


Maintaining the sleeper profile for the new cards will let things mature and blossom... once you get a few of them up over 5K and 10K things will change dramatically when you opt to app again.

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Re: AMEX 3x CLI - 7-10 day message

I agree with the miss part BUT I have patiently waited 3 denials Hahaha this is my first time with Amex and CR period (started 2018) but I did mess up on 2 of the times one of the times I requested I didn't check the FICO reporting on Amex's site that is a good checking point....and the 3rd I asked a rep. if my utilization on that personal card affected or played a role in Increase decision (should have known yes) smh but they transferred me to a BOT the bot said if you are trying to get an increase enter amount and so I did and Low and Behold I wasted bc I was denied because of higher utilization on that card Smiley Sad      LOL    But live and learn and then you get loves XD

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Re: AMEX 3x CLI - 7-10 day message

Just because you requested a CLI today, doesnt mean that they SPd you today.  With your recent approval, their decision might have been made using your original HP

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Re: AMEX 3x CLI - 7-10 day message

Just looking at the OP's signature is causing me some anxiety. Get rid of those low limit store cards! Not sure if Amex allows moving credit line from a biz card to a personal one but I would do that just so I dont have any issues of going over my limit on the 1k card. 

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Re: AMEX 3x CLI - 7-10 day message

i wonder if you could have asked for the cli on the biz card and then transferred some of the limit to your personal card. cli would probably have had a better approval chance... i have my cli coming up next week!!! 7 days to goooooo Cat Very Happy

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Re: AMEX 3x CLI - 7-10 day message

My sig gives you anxiety? Lol 😆 I don’t see how the low limit store cards are hurting me at this point they are minimally helping with UTI, account age, don’t have annual fees, and are all payed in full. If your signature is up to date then our scores are pretty similar despite me having these extra cards.

And you can’t move business limits to personal from my understanding.


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Re: AMEX 3x CLI - 7-10 day message

@macedwar wrote:

Figured, but idk why... My scores have sky rocketed since approval. maybe I mistimed the request. My original approval was 8/26/2019.

Timing is everything.  First you need to find out when Amex does the monthly soft pull for your account.  The adverse action letter that you will eventually receive will state the date of the credit pull they used to assess your request.  From that you can assume that its done at approximately the same date each month.


While your scores might have "sky rocketed" its likely that Amex used last month's score.  Its well known that the scores used in their underwriting lags the score shown in your online account by about a month.


Finally, despite the popularity of applying for a 3X CLI after 61 days, few people actually get it.  The norm is 181 days, especially when you were initially approved with what is basically a "toy" limit of $1,000.

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Re: AMEX 3x CLI - 7-10 day message

I got same today. Think they are nit as generous
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