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AMEX - Credit Card Approval Rules....

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AMEX - Credit Card Approval Rules....

I heard the following :

ONLY 2 CREDIT CARDS approved within 90 days and 1 Charge Card.


Anyone get approved for 3 Credit Cards approved within a 90 day time frame.....

My first approval was an SPG Luxury on September 3rd.....


Thank you all in advance.


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Re: AMEX - Credit Card Approval Rules....

Just yesterday I was declined for a 2/90 violation.  Actually, the app listed as "cancelled" on the status page.  Denial letter reason:


The reason for our decision is that you have reached the maximum number and type of Cards that we will approve within the period of a few months.


This, despite having a preapproval as an existing cardmember.  And still shows a preapproval.  I was searching around the forums and the 2/90 rule seems fairly well enforced across AMEX's customer base.  

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Re: AMEX - Credit Card Approval Rules....

I got the same response when I tried to apply for the Amazon AMEX Business Card a few weeks ago.
I guess it is safe to say they enforce the 2/90 rule.
Thank you !!

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Re: AMEX - Credit Card Approval Rules....

Yes but not 2 credit cards from different lenders, it concerns their own cardsSmiley Wink
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