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AMEX Gold + BCE Approval Odds?

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AMEX Gold + BCE Approval Odds?

Hi everyone, I'm new to the myFICO forums and relatively new to my credit building journey. I'm currently a student with a Discover it chrome card (aged 3 mos.) and recently just got a CLI to $2,300 for that card.

With that being said, I would like to get an Amex card or two (Gold & BCE) because of their perks. I currently have a FICO 8 (EX) of 750 based on my Discover Scorecard. I currently make about $12,000 a year (live at parent's w/ $0 rent) with a pristine payment history with some student loans (AAoA of 1.5 yrs). I also checked the pre-qualified offers on Amex's website and I'm pre-qualified for both.

Question is, should I apply for one, or both on the same day? I have heard of people with similar stories to mine get approved no problem. Should I apply for one before the other? I'm nervous because last month I had high utilization (I fixed it from 74% to 3% this month) and they denied me the BCE based solely on my score (681 at the time). I would love to hear all your input!
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Re: AMEX Gold + BCE Approval Odds?

Amex prequals are generally solid. It’s been said that if you look at the card stats and see a fixed APR, that’s another assurance that you’re good to go. If the prequals are real and Amex is inclined to grant the cards, you shouldn’t have a problem with both at once to combine the approvals into one HP. As always, YMMV and everyone’s profile is different, but you have a thin clean file over a year old and your EX score is well above what should be needed. I’d say go for it.

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Re: AMEX Gold + BCE Approval Odds?

@ImTheDevil wrote:
 both at once to combine the approvals into one HP. 

I would focus on which one provides more benefits to your spend right now and go for that one.  Once you're in and establish some history with Amex subsequent cards are a SP.  There's no real rush to app the same day to avoid a HP. 


Keep in mind the Gold won't help as much as the BC because it's a charge card which doesn't have a limit that calculates into scoring.


The main concerns would be 3 mo's w/ Disco and 12K income.  Scores aren't everything when it comes to approvals, they look at everything, but, the high score helps in not getting an instant denial.  Read the T&C's for specific details about the income requirements before hitting apply and try through incognito mode for specific cards for a higher bonus on the spend requirements. 

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Re: AMEX Gold + BCE Approval Odds?

If you apply for both at the same time, it will be harder to meet the spend requirments to get the SUB for both cards.

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Re: AMEX Gold + BCE Approval Odds?

And BCE and Gold compete in a major category for the (average) consumer: groceries. You'd be diluting your rewards potential on a thin profile.

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Re: AMEX Gold + BCE Approval Odds?

I was instantly approved for the AMEX BCE a little over a week ago. I have a thin profile like you, but my income is $42K.


At the time of my application, I only had one revolving account which was a Capital One Platinum opened in November 2018, and an installment account which was an auto loan opened in July 2017. My AAoA was 1 year and 3 months.

My utilization on the Capital One Platinum was 1% and the auto loan was nearly paid off with only $293 left out of the $15.5K borrowed.


An interesting data point was on the AMEX Pre-Approval page, it only showed me being pre-approved for the AMEX Gold, Everyday, and Cash Magnet. No pre-approval shown on that page for the BCE. However, I received a mailer for the BCE with an invitation number and a $200 SUB.


I applied for the BCE with the invitation number and was instantly approved with a $2K SL. They pulled FICO 8 EX which was 746 at the time of my application.


Like others have mentioned, your great score and perfect payment history on your student loans is a big plus, but with your income and having only 3 months of credit history, you may or may not be approved. I think you could have a better chance if you waited 3 more months, so that way you've had 6 months of history with your Discover IT Chrome.



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Re: AMEX Gold + BCE Approval Odds?

Hey Obscure,


Thanks for the helpful info. I think the Gold card is the best option, because some of my biggest spend is on restaurants and supermarkets. Gas is covered for my first year with the Chrome (4% back) so that isn't a big worry atm. I am going on a trip in August, so I think I can hit minimum spend quite easily. My income upped a bit because I received a gift from my SO's mom ($1.5K) so it's $13,500 now. Plus, I want the SUB so I can go on a trip with my SO someday. Smiley Happy

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Re: AMEX Gold + BCE Approval Odds?

Hey ImTheDevil,


Thanks for the info. I've heard people say the same thing, so I'm somewhat reassured. I checked the rates on my prequal offer for the Gold, and it is a fixed APR! Smiley Happy 20.49%. I checked the general CHA for the Gold and it's variable, so I guess that means I have an overall better chance? I did receive a pre-screened mail offer for the BCE, and it's a $200 SUB on $1K, but sadly it's still a variable APR. Smiley Sad Do you think I should be good to go to sign up for the Gold on 7/27?

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Re: AMEX Gold + BCE Approval Odds?

Hi PurpleFrog,


Thanks a lot for the data point. It looks like we were in a similar boat besides income and loan balances. Is loan balance a major factor in decisions? I too got a mailer for the BCE, but mine has a variable APR which is disappointing to see. Was yours a variable APR offer as well? I got the same SUB offer. I don't think it would hurt to try now, since I'm in an optimal spending situation for the Gold. I always have until September to take Amex up on the BCE offer. Smiley Wink

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Re: AMEX Gold + BCE Approval Odds?

To me it would be self defeating to open up a BCE and a Gold because a major reward category on both is groceries, and you're just diluting your benefit. Pick the system that suits you best and apply for one or the other but not both.

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