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AMEX Platinum Declined! Recon help

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AMEX Platinum Declined! Recon help

In need of some advice...
Trying to get in with AMEX so I finally applied for the platinum since people said it was easier to get approved and had more lenient underwriters that their CCs.

Application was instant declined. According to the letter my FICO was 712 and listed the following reasons:
-The length of time your accounts have been established.
-The ratio of revolving account balances to their credit limits is too high.
-The ratio of loan balances to the loan amounts is too high.
-There are too many credit inquiries on your report in the last 12 months.

I have 5 open accounts 4 revolving and 1 installment. Only 1 revolving account has a balance and that because The statement closed on a weekend and the payment didn’t process to the following busniess day and got pushed to the bureaus with a balanced. But i always pay in full before statement cuts.

At the time of the App i only had 3 inquiries in the last 12 months and my AAOA is 2yrs 8mos.
Only baddie on my file is a 30 days late from 2017

So with all that said none of their reason for denial make no sense to me as my friend got approved with more HPs, lower score, and carries a balance on 3 cards.

I called the RECON line and was told that they would escalate it to higher ups to take a look. Now based on experience what do you guys think?

Do I have a shot? And if not what can i do to better my chances next time.

P.S. When i got denied for the platinum i went and applied for the Hilton Honnors since i read around that you can apply to both 1 charge card and 1 CC in the same day to combine HPs that was an instant cancelled.. reason stated recently declined blah blah.

Any pointers or help is much appreciated!
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Re: AMEX Platinum Declined! Recon help

Sorry about the denial. AMEX are not good with recons but some have work it . I think the late May be tripping them out. Lenders put a stack of reasons why they denied but that is the most likely the reason.
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Re: AMEX Platinum Declined! Recon help

What is the balance amount that shows on your report?
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Re: AMEX Platinum Declined! Recon help

$819 balance on a $850 limit card. I usually max it out and pay it off full each month. I dont think the 30 days late was the reason as my friend has 1 mote recent then mine and was still approved.
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Re: AMEX Platinum Declined! Recon help

Just something to keep in mind OP, comparing profiles is a futile effort to discern similar outcomes or results. As no profile is ever alike, even if there may be some elements that can serve as some "barometer", results will always vary.

Of noteworthy, algorithms are the driving UW engines for all applications, and while on the surface the prevalent mindset might be "well their profile is worse than mine/my scores are way better so I don't get how they got approved," often times comparing them as such doesn't really provide the actual or specific reasons why one individual fared better than the other.

If the reconsideration route is successful, then great. Otherwise, just focus on the reasons they provided to optimize your profile so it can yield better results.
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Re: AMEX Platinum Declined! Recon help

It sounds like the card maxed out was the reason but we can never know
It flags some time ppl wen they are new to credit form what I read
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Re: AMEX Platinum Declined! Recon help

Why didn’t you use their prequalify tool to see if you were qualified for the platinum card? That’s what I would do before you try again and waste another HP.

Their prequalify tool is pretty accurate that’s how I got in they only showed me a green card and I bit the bullet just to get in with them even though it wasnt the card I wanted.

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Re: AMEX Platinum Declined! Recon help

@thisisvargas wrote:
$819 balance on a $850 limit card. 

This was more than likely the reason.

You are applying for a charge card that they expect to be paid in full each month, but you have this card reporting at almost 100%. They only see what is reported at the time, not what you normally do month to month.

Give it 30 days make sure all cards you have are reporting below 8.9 if not zero and try again. I believe you will see different results.

Good luck.

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Re: AMEX Platinum Declined! Recon help

Sorry to hear about the denial OP. As many have already said, it was probably the card that reported a nearly maxed out balance that concerned them. Allow 30 days to cycle in case your request for reconsideration does not work out. Leave a small balance to report and then prior to applying, hit that pre qualification tool available on their website and if you qualify for any of their Charge Cards, then you are likely to get a more positive outcome on the Platinum application next go round. Wishing you luck.

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Re: AMEX Platinum Declined! Recon help

You gotta be a little more patient you little whipper snapper! : )


I am not the most patient either and this is a fun game to play BUT you need to be more strategic about applying. Make sure your reports are good and utilization is way down BEFORE applying. It sucks to click "Apply" and get an immediate denial! : (



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