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AmEx Prequalified EveryDay DENIED

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AmEx Prequalified EveryDay DENIED

I just app'd for the EveryDay card, I've been coming up as prequalifed for it for a few months.  First I app'd and was approved for the AmEx PRG card.  Then, since I understand AmEx only does one HP per day even if you apply for multiple cards, i applied for an EveryDay card via a 25k signon bonus link I found when I searched for cards via incognito.  It asked an extra question about my employer name and level of person assets the PRG didn't--filled that out--came back denied.  


Do I have any recourse?  Really PO'd, I actually wouldn't have applied for the PRG if I wasn't prequalified for the EveryDay--I want the additional CL on my report.  Strange thing is, I wasn't prequalified for the PRG--only the Green card was showing.  


This sucks.  They said they'd send me a letter in the mail with the reason but wouldn't talk about it over the phone.  

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Re: AmEx Prequalified EveryDay DENIED

Sorry about the denial 

IIRC you had a Green mail offer for 25k bonus which was targeted 

Plat/PRG/Grn all have the same UW so you can be approved for any of those 3 if you qualify for any one


This is exactly why we tell people to apply for what you want and not settle for other cards


Recourse: You have none with Amex unless there was a mistake on CR's at time of HP and either way (recon) will still cost you another HP in 99% of these cases 

You may have had a better chance for the ED had that been your first app followed by PRG

Hope you got the 50k bonus so that's at least is a ray of sunshine and since AF is waived may as well test drive for a year and see if you like it 

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: AmEx Prequalified EveryDay DENIED

I feel your pain. My brother was prequalified for both the Everyday and BCE. He was denied for both. Waiting to receive the letter. Funny thing is, it still shows he's prequalified for both. Go figure!! 😞
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Re: AmEx Prequalified EveryDay DENIED

Just when I thought that the Amex prequals were solid.  Hmm...

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Re: AmEx Prequalified EveryDay DENIED

Good information here!

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