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Amazon Store Card and Discover denial's

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Amazon Store Card and Discover denial's

 I called Discover and the rep told me that they us TU, also the denial letter from Amazon had my EX score 602, with 5 different reasons why it was denied (did not think a store card would be so strict?) anyways the Discover rep told me I had only one reason for denial: 2 medical bills from 2014. These bills were disputed and my insurance company lost, so they will get paid and taken off my credit report (taking forever) So time will tell after I finally get my report clean and apply for Discover which shocking seems like it may be easier to get than the Amazon card, go figure.

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Re: Amazon Store Card and Discover denial's

Yeah i think you need like a 650 for the Amazon card, I would suggest laying low right know and trying to grow your current lines. Your scores are too low right now to apply to anybody worth anything, so just be patient and let your scores get better. I know where your coming from and I still have a long wait myself before my reports are clean! It can be frustrating sometimes playing the waiting game! 😊

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Re: Amazon Store Card and Discover denial's

The combo of growing your lines and those coming off should put you in better position.

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