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Amex Ameriprise platinum APPROVED

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Amex Ameriprise platinum APPROVED

I applied for the Ameriprise platinum ($0 AF first year) on the 30th, before the $0 AF was pulled this month.

The day I applied, I was pre-approved with Amex for platinum, afterwards, I was not. I have 50k limits with Amex across 4 credit cards and 2 charge cards. I've had a recent FR and passed with no AA. So, I don't think there's a issue with going higher. Also, the platinum is a charge card not credit card.

I have a restaurant and started carrying a balance over the summer. (slow time) Things have been better and this month I paid off 15k+ in balances on amex and paid off all of my personal cards hitting my credit report. However, most hadn't hit statements yet when I applied.

My amex personal card, chase amazon, and other cards have now reported for the month, 0 balance.

First off, if I were to go back and ask for reconsideration, would I get in under the $0 AF, since that's what they offered when I initially signed up?

Second, do they count internal (Amex) balances based on last statement (credit report) or current balance? Could additional payments since statement help me? Does Amex count utilization / credit limits of Amex business cards that aren't on my credit, but they're still aware of? I can't imagine they don't.

I currently have about 10k balance with Amex, 0 elsewhere, which is about 10% utilization overall as long as they count my amex business card limits.

The rest will be paid off this next month most likely, but if I can still get in under $0AF, I can't wait that long... I have 30 days from denial, yes?


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Re: Amex ameritrade platinum denied

Since you applied under the terms of the "original" card you should be eligile under that but make sure you ask that first when you recon otherwise the rest of the conversation will not matter for your purposes


With everything else you mentioned it MIGHT be tied to your recent AA perhaps. They didn't take any action but wondering if you're on some temporary blacklist til things cool off. The balances you currently have with AMEX at that UTL should not matter I'm pretty sure.

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Re: Amex Ameriprise platinum denied

Hi OP - just a point of quick clarification to avoid confusion for any of the forum members.  You may want to update the subject title of the thread and your reference in the 1st paragraph to Ameriprise, not Ameritrade.  The Ameritrade Client Rewards Card is offered and serviced by TD Bank, not AmEx.

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Re: Amex Ameriprise platinum denied

Finstar, thanks for catching that. My bad. I fixed in subject and first sentence
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Re: Amex Ameriprise platinum denied

They just changed the structure on this card. It previously included no bonus but you got the AF waived for the first year. My wife was just approved for that a week prior to the change. Not sure that the UW standards have changed. Funny as it is usually easier to get a revolver with AX than their other products.

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Re: Amex Ameriprise platinum denied

Yes, I'm aware they changed it. I signed up and was declined before the change... Trying to figure out if there's a way to recon the original app and get grandfathered... And how long I have to do so
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Re: Amex Ameriprise platinum denied

I'm not 100% certain, but I would think most of their apps may stay on the system for about ~30 days.  So, depending on when you applied, you likely have a short window to take action if you are pursuing any type of reconsideration.  Now, whether the declined application retains the same promotional "properties" as far as no SUB/AF waived the first year is really something AmEx may have to provide more direction given the recent Ameriprise changes.

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Re: Amex Ameriprise platinum denied



I waited about 3 weeks (less than 30 days) after application. Since my initial post, I found that 2 collections had both shown up on my credit, back from the dead. I got on it QUICK. By the time I called the new accounts team, one had already been dropped. I told them, I believed the second one would be dropped in a few weeks as well. He suggested I wait and do the reconsideration after it dropped off. I asked if I would still be able to, after 30 days. He said because I called within 30 days that he put a note in that it would be fine. So...I waited. During the past 30 days, I've transferred the bulk to a marriott business 0% offer on chase. I've also made significant payments throughout the month.


One of the other reasons I got denied was because of low internal score. Ever since the FR which I got out of without any AA...I have exclusively gotten offshore agents. Previous to the FR ... I was telling all my friends how amazing amex is, that I always speak to US agents...I didn't even realize they HAD offshore call centers except for the back end departments like new accounts and underwriting etc. If I ask to speak to someone in the US they happily forward me, but then I have to feel like an *** ...I was convinced this internal score used for routing calls, but I have not gotten anyone at amex to confirm it.


So... today I have a cold (Achoo!) and while I feel miserable, I figured, I might as well get something accomplished. I had another week before my 60 days was up, but I have this day off and I might be busy next week. Instead of trying to call straight in to new accounts, I called the main number. I reached a US rep (have not spoken to a US rep for months without a transfer). I immediately was jumping for joy inside ... she transferred me to new accounts. I spoke to him for quite a while, asking about all my theories and whether or not they thought this was a good time to do the reconsideration. One of the collections still remains but is still being disputed. I asked if I could get another extension to 90 days...he said it was possible, and asked me if I wanted him to place those notes on the account...but...something in my gut said go for it!


I asked, if I reconned today and was denied, could I recon again before the 90 days...He said yes. I reconned, and about 60 seconds later I was approved WITHOUT manual review (the person I was speaking to doesn't do the review, he just submits it to the underwriting department.) Since there was no manual review, there was no HP. They're mailing the card UPS next day. I should have it tomorrow or Friday.


I had them transfer me to customer service for a follow up confirmation question. The new accounts department had told me that I would be grandfathered in according to the promotion (free first year) at the time of the application. The customer service rep confirmed that I would not receive a charge, and if I were, that I could call and they would happily refund it.


so, again... WOOHOO! This is the hardest I've worked for a recon, but it's worth $550 so, it's well worth it!

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Re: Amex Ameriprise platinum denied

Congrats on the approval OP.

Locking this thread as you have been approved. Feel free to start a new approval thread in the Approvals forum if you wish.
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