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Amex BCE and Discover It CLI tips to improve?

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Amex BCE and Discover It CLI tips to improve?

wow I wish I'd known about the x3 cli on amex sooner. I waited 10 months to try to cli amex and discover.


I'm almost sure its my credit utility. It was 60% on amex and 53% on discover. I got outright denied on discover and given the 7 to 10 day deal with amex. In some instances from I see on these forums maybe 15% of the time the 7 to 10 day thing isn't a denial with amex. But given the context of my high balances I'm almost sure its a denial. I had a 6500 credit limit on each card. 


Other than paying these down as much as I can and reapplying in 90 days what else could increase my chances? I don't have any bad outsanding things on credit report, no deliquencies. But there's a history with studen loans, but those are in payment programs and current now. 


credit score was between 600 and 650 last i checked. 

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Re: Amex BCE and Discover It CLI tips to improve

Hi, welcome to the forums. 


I believe just paying off your balances to under 8.9% alone will help you the most, with balances at 60% and 53%, you've passed 3 thresholds, so give or take, there's anywhere between 25-75 point drop in score. I would definitely bring the balances down and to have your total balance on all your credit lines combined, less then 8.9%. (8.9% of your total credit limit). Also, practice AZEO, this will help you get the highest score possible. Another thing you can do is to review your credit reports for any negatives (baddies). Sometimes, things may be on there that you can possible miss. 


Good luck!


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Re: Amex BCE and Discover It CLI tips to improve

7-10 day message  when requesting a CLI is almost certain a denial. Trust me I have a stack of letters to prove that theory 😕

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