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Amex Blue Cash Preferred ... Status Changed...

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Amex Blue Cash Preferred ... Status Changed...


So been an Amex cardholder for a little while....have following cards:


Plat Card...charged 4500 in first month...paid about 7 days after statement cut...currently 2nd statement cut...owe around 1850.00...have not paid..statement cut 3 days ago

Plum....charged 650 in first month paid on time

Starwood SPG....made (5) payments first month to PIF so I could make a larger purchase (cust serv agent helped me do this)



So... today I applied for the Blue Cash Preferred by using my Plat Card CVN (four digits on front)...when I submitted app, the app screen said I would find out decision in 24 hours.... now that changed to:


We will notify you once your application has been processed, or if we need additional information. If you wish to view an electronic communication of your decision details once we have made a decision,



What does the change mean ?






My EX is 690

7.5 yr old bk

income north of 300k

27 % utilizaiton across all cards

7.5 yrs on time payments





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Re: Amex Blue Cash Preferred ... Status Changed...

Not sure what to make of it other than having 3 existing cards.  I wouldn't worry about it too much and just check your online profile for the additional card every other day or so.  Otherwise get on chat or call them about it if you don't get a decision by Friday.  Oh and check your junk/spam folder in case an e-mail ended up in there for some reason Smiley Wink

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Re: Amex Blue Cash Preferred ... Status Changed...

Since they have not gone out of their way to list a denial you should be still in the running. There is also a limit to 4 main cards that they will issue so it is possible you might have gotten close to what they are willing to give you since the last card is the hardest to get. I am not sure but the Starwood might not count against the limit because it is a higher grade of card. Also if you opened an Amex card in the past 6-12 months then Amex will flat out decline you for too many new accounts. Your best bet is to call in and talk to a person about the status of the application since then they can push it through if necessary.

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Re: Amex Blue Cash Preferred ... Status Changed...

Whenever I have not gotten instant approval with Amex I call right away. For me it's always been a verification session and I was approved.


Good luck.

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Re: Amex Blue Cash Preferred ... Status Changed...

Call new accounts. It's likely just verification.
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Re: Amex Blue Cash Preferred ... Status Changed...

Call them and find out. If they decline you, it's normally within 24 hours. It's most likely a verification. Got 6 cards from AmEx within 5 months period. Their limit is up to 5 now.

Good luck !!! Keep us posted.

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