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Amex declined to add AU. Recon possible?

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Re: Amex declined to add AU. Recon possible?

@arlo777 wrote:

@Maria26 wrote:
I would leave it alone so as not to mess things up for DW.

I think that's a good idea, Maria. Best not poke the bear, since she's really fortunate to have been approved. Maybe down the road she can add me, after the account has been established for some time.

I tend to agree with this also. You don't want to possibly make something worse.


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Re: Amex declined to add AU. Recon possible?

Yeah agree with everyone. She burned them 20 years ago so she served her sentence Smiley Happy apparently. Lets see, burned Amex about 9 years ago so ...... 11 years to go minimum ...Smiley Happy im still in time out but like you i feel if they dont want to give you a chance , or a second one for me, well nothing else to do but to move on and give iur business to someone who wants itSmiley Happy. Good luck in the future, also nice sl for your wife!!
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