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Amex platinum application status - in progress

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Amex platinum application status - in progress

Hello my friend


I had an itch and wanted to apply for the Amex platinum badly last night. Some facts beforehand ...


my fico form Amex credit card free score says am at 797 on 8/29 although I think in reality am at 750ish. Total revolving credit line is around 300k with 1 percent utilization. 
I has a credit freeze prior to this applicaiton which resulted in two outright denials for the platinum and green a week prior. Reason was credit frozen. So I thawed last night ... hehe. Did the incognito thing and had a preapproval for gold. I chose the platinum and it also showed a preapproval with apr offer thing . so I pulled the trigger and got first the "we are reviewing your application" which changed to "in progress--- check back in 24 hours". What are my chances guys? With the two Denials prior due to frozen credit. I do have a substantial high yield

savings account with them too I don't know if that has an effect or if they even see that...


does it really take this long for an in-progress status ????

My TL : Discover 45k / Venture 39k / chase United 39k/ BCE AMEX 33k / BoA123 Sig 24k / WF propel 17k/ Home Depot 16.5 K / CSP 16.5k / Barclays Arrival WEMC 15k / Citi World WEMC 16.5k / CU Visa 11k/ Nordstrom Visa 20K / penfed rewards visa 20k / Citi AA 16.5k / spark business 15k/ Chase ink business 15k/ Freedom 10k /delta Amex platinum 8k/ boa rewards 7k /Macy's Store 5.3K / Best buy 2.4K / BBRZ Gold 1.4K / Express 1.4K/
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Re: Amex platinum application status - in progress

I got this same status from them when I recently applied for Delta Gold.. i just called in. Rhey verified my address, asked me if I am an active duty member of the armed forces, then they processed the application. I was approved right there on the spot, so I definitely recommend calling.

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