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Another Chase CC after C/O with them?

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Another Chase CC after C/O with them?


What seems to be Chase's "rules" for approving people for a new card with them after having one of their cards charge off? Do they ever give you a second chance and if they do, how long do you have to wait, etc.?

(NOT looking to try app'ing any time soon, just curious / seeking info for down the road.)


DH had a Chase Amazon Visa 9k CL that went 30 days late Aug 2019, and just snowballed from there because we were in hard times and couldn't make the continuing months minimum's, and play catch up with the past due, late fees, interest added on, all at the same time fast enough. Nov 2019 they said all past due needed to be paid (about 1k or a little over) or they'd close the account. We didn't have the extra 1k. They ended up closing and went on reports as a charge off. Settled it and paid as agreed back in Sept 2020. Still on reports as a closed account, noted as charge off and paid as agreed, $0 balance. Experian says it'll be on reports until Apr 2026, unless there's a way to magically make it disappear sooner, but it's not PFD, so it appears to be stuck on there until then. 

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Re: Another Chase CC after C/O with them?

Chase has a long memory. Could be 10+ years. Even if they were to approve, they'll bring up causing them a loss every time you want to do something credit related.

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Re: Another Chase CC after C/O with them?

With your relationship with them being so recent I would say it'll be a long time before you can even consider getting them to give you another chance.

As mentioned, Chase has a very long memory. I've been reminded about a card that I actually never had with them but they acquired when buying another portfolio (Providian) was over 20 years ago and they still wanted to chat about it when applying for their product.
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Re: Another Chase CC after C/O with them?

Chase seems to have a long memory!


When I had a WaMu credit card (Washington Mutual), I had it go into collections in 2009 when the ecomony dropped and it was a charge off.


Chase who acquired that account still knew about the C/O from over 10 years ago!


Still to this day, I can not get a Chase Visa Signature card - recently denied the Marriott Boundless when they had the 125,000 point SUB.....



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