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App Spree advice....USAA, Chase, US Bank

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App Spree advice....USAA, Chase, US Bank

 So I have been waiting to app for the Limitless since i heard about it last year.  Hoping it becomes official soon, rumors are next week.  I've also been eying a US Bank Cash + and a Chase Freedom since I already use a CSR.  I've also been wanting to get a 5% gas back card, and am pretty sure I'm going to try and get the USAA Amex at the same time as the Limitless on the same pull.  I'm thinking of apping for all 4 on the same day.


What I'm wondering is in what order would you all do this in, and does it even matter?  TU FICO 08 - 772, no new accounts or inquiries since February of this year (so 7 months).  Total inquiries - TU 1, EQ 4, EXP 5, AAoA 2 years 2 months.  6% total util. 9 total accounts, 1 auto loan, 1 mortgage, 4 open CC's (Lowe's doesn't show up on my personal report).  No baddies.


I wouldn't think that it would make that much of a difference, but would love to hear everyone else's thoughts on this.  These are my concerns:


1.  The Limitless will be my daily driver and am shooting for the best limit/APR I can get on this card out of all of them.

2.  I am 4/24 right now, and the Freedom falls under the 5/24 rule.  I do not care at all about limit/APR on this one.  Not sure if inquirie's from other banks will make a difference to their automated system or if it will mess with 5/24 rule.

3.  From what I read US Bank is really conservative and doesn't like new accounts, inquiries, or high total available credit.  Wondering if they might wig if they see inquiries from other banks on the same day.  Also that they manually review applications, and if it goes to 7-10 days and the other new accounts show up they might not like that.


I know the new accounts won't show up for a few days, but I think the inquiries will show up immediately to any other bank who looks, so whoever gets apped early in the day will see no new inq's and later in the day will see the inq's from the bank's earlier in the day


As far as what bureau's they pull, I have accounts with USAA and Chase and in the past they pulled:


Chase - EQ and EXP


And from what I can tell US Bank will pull TU


I don't put too much faith into this list of what CB's they pull from, you never really know which one they'll use, but at least it gives an idea.  It would be cool if it really did fall like this because US Bank would have no idea of the other 2.


I'm thinking that I will go in this order:

USAA Limitless + Amex

US Bank Cash +

Chase Freedom


Thanks for any advice you can toss my way, I'd appreciate it.

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Re: App Spree advice....USAA, Chase, US Bank

Ill only add looking at your stats you seem to have a high probabilty of coming out that spree 4 for 4Smiley Happy. Getting ones profile to look all spiffy is a great way to enjoy an app day like yoursSmiley Wink
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Re: App Spree advice....USAA, Chase, US Bank

Thanks mate!  I should've mentioned that it wouldn't be possible without this board and the community that make it up.


I was a little lucky and my profile only looks that way because I have been semi-forced into the garden for the past 6 months while waiting on the Limitless =D


I'll follow up the thread with data points if I can.

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