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App advice wanted (out of the garden)

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App advice wanted (out of the garden)

Going to be making some bigger purchases early next year (10-15k).
I figure I can put as much of that on 0-interest as possible, with the side benefit of thickening my file and getting me in at some new banks.

So I'm looking for best shot at high-limit 0-intro and then very-high-limit no intro with bonus (I'll pay off within a few months, so big SUB can be effective <= 0 interest, and also helps with utilization). I know banks can be seemingly random with their limits, but I'd like to avoid cards known for low limits.

My profile:
EQ: 775, TU: 795, EX: 785
AAoA: 3.5y
Util: 0%
No bads
Inq: EQ 1 (lease), TU 1 (lease), EX 0
Inc: 120k
Total Limits: 22k

Cap: Venture1 8k, Venture 5k, QS 3.3k, QS1 3k
Citi: DC 2.5k
(Planning on merging the Venture and the QS1into the V1 and the QS)

I was thinking about apping:
Discover IT cash back (intro + i like the extra categories)
Amex, but not sure which one (probably between: Magnet, BCE, BCP, ED, EDP)
And then maybe another Venture or Savor because of big SL, SUB, and I can merge them in 6 months.

Which Amex (if any)?

Any other cards I'm not thinking about?
What order should I app (if it matters)?
Should I wait until after merged Cap limit (will be >11k) or does that really even matter?

I'm pre-approved for everything Cap1. Pre-approved for Amex Gold/Magnet/Everyday (and I assume everything else I'm considering). And Discover.



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Re: App advice wanted (out of the garden)

If you're eligible, the SUB on NFCU Flagship is epic. With your profile, it wouldn't surprise me to see 15K approval right off the bat. Navy unfortunately doesn't have a 0% offer right now though for that card - they do for cashRewards at 6 months but the SUB isn't as good.

PenFed Power Cash is the next one down the list although they're inquiry and new account sensitive so if you're not eligible with Navy, I would shoot for PenFed first. They also offer 0% for 12 months and a SUB comparable to NFCU's cashRewards card.

Discover is totally unpredictable with their SLs.

Capital One cards I don't like because you get a HP on each bureau... they're not really worth that IMO.

And I have issues with Amex so I can't comment without being biased.

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Re: App advice wanted (out of the garden)

Thanks. Not NFCU eligible. Will research PenFed.

More input is welcome Smiley Happy

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Re: App advice wanted (out of the garden)

Welcome to myFICO


Your credit profile looks great.  My only concern about your getting high SLs is that you don’t have anything in your profile >$10K and only one CC @ $5K. 


So I agree with @Saeren to apply to PenFed first in the hopes of getting a sizable SL. 


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Re: App advice wanted (out of the garden)

Op, welcome to the forums! I think you have great credit and are in a good position to grow on your profile. My only concern is the same as CI's which is that of the limits you already have, you don't have any that are really high. It is common that credit unions tend to be a bit more graceful in giving larger limits, but at the same time, it is a roll of the dice.

For your situation, I think it would also depend on what do you consider high limits vs low limits? What reasonable high limit would you prefer or be okay with?

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