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Apple Card denied - DPs

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Re: Apple Card denial

Have you really had no lates since that collection 5 years ago?  I am a little surprised that your scores are not a touch higher then.


If so, the good news is you are in a spot where you can tweak soemthing and try again, pain free:   Go AZEO sub 9% and see if that nabs you a few more TU points. Then apply again.   For science.


I have a theory that GS' UW for this card specifically does not like "mediocre scores with even old charge offs or collections present".  I am not stating this as fact, but tracking approvals and  denials, it sems like folks with thick files, scores in the high 600s, AND a serious deliquency have a rough approval rating.  Either removing the delinquency (unlikley)  OR raising that score to low 700s might do the trick.


FTR, I have tried for approval three times now - no luck, and I am not surprised as I meet the description above, Thick file, mediocre score, bad old deliquency.



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Re: Apple Card denial

Yup, the ONLY negative remark I have on my report is a $744 apartment complex collection that was opened back on 07/01/2014.
I'd imagine my scores are low due to other factors such as 60+ inquiries, average age of accounts, the amount of time I've been in the bureau (I just started my credit building 2.5 years ago). At this point I think the only thing that will increase my scores is time.
In any sort your theory makes sense. My friend was also declined at a 691, thick file, but 2 small collections from years ago. I really don't need their mediocre card, it was just a bit surprising to me.
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Re: Apple Card denial

@jordandhale95 wrote:
Sure thing.
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I understand the collection itself may be an issue, but I wouldn't classify 5 years as "recent." I have three open auto loans currently, one of which is paid off, but hasn't reported yet.

As long as it's on your credit report, it's recent. 7 years seems like a long time to us but to banks, it's not a long time at all. Credit reports drop items after they are no longer considered to make a difference in your likelihood of default. That's when banks stop caring too. 


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Re: Apple Card denial

731 here, zero lates since 2014, no collections, income in six figs, 2-3% util, still declined solely for the recent past due. I have 60+ accounts reporting with perfect payment history for the last 5 years. It is what it is, man, I’ve decided to chalk this one up to fate reminding me not to open anything new during the mortgage process!
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Re: Apple Card denial

Declined sole reason is recently past due the only negative I have is a voluntary repo from 2014. Only on TransUnion. Guess it’s a sign I don’t need anymore cards. Ugh idk why I even wanted it

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Re: Apple Card denial

I applied and was rejected when my TU was 640 and experion 630 ish but I had a 5 year old $250 collection. I called and settled the debt for deletion for $200, and I applied as soon as it dropped and got a $2500 limit with the higher APR. having the collection deleted made the difference.

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Re: Apple Card denial

With all the applying for Apple after I was denied for the dreaded You have recently been past due in October, I decided to try again since my scores went up 20 points and this time denied for credit freeze. Lol forgot to thaw before I applied. Lol. Oh well.
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Re: Apple Card denied - due to "recently been past due"

In my case is weird can’t explain my self, I filed BK over 7 years ago with wife, I got better credit than my wife basically she carry her own credit cards and I carry my own ones none of us have a card as authorized user, back in August with out my wife knowing I applied in her iPhone for the Apple Card and she was instantly approved then I applied in my phone and I was decline I said !!!!!WHAT!!!!!! I couldn’t believe that I was declined so I wait a few more weeks and apply again and still decline have no past dues no closed bank accounts have good income my Credit ratio is on their 11% also I have two open loans no judgements my fico as of today Exp 745 eqfx 742 trans 750, already paid more that 70% each so thats Why If there is an explanation if someone have an idea I will appreciate thank you
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Re: Apple Card denied - due to "recently been past due"

What did the letter say the reason for decline was?
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Re: Apple Card denied - due to "recently been past due"

Hi there!

Same boat got denied as well. I’m 700+ on my tu. I have no collections , utl is 15%. They said they can verify my information because I tried once before
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