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Apple Card iPhone required?

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Re: Apple Card iPhone required?

You can do this but it’s going to be a hassle. I had a whole post typed up but I’m not 100% sure about the limitations when using it the way you intend to so I removed it. 

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Re: Apple Card iPhone required?

@credit-user-19 wrote:

So, It looks like to get an Apple Card an iPhone is required? A bit of silly requriement...


I guess an iPad doesn't qualitfy you? Figured that would be enough but guess no. Figure they want people using Apple Pay as much as posssible and not the physical card. 


The report claims that the iPad will have a dedicated app for signing up for and managing the Apple Card, as confirmed by hidden iOS 12.4 references uncovered by developer Steve Moser


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Re: Apple Card iPhone required?

I was able to apply on my iPad, although I was declined! Smiley Very Happy 1st I had to request an invite by tapping Notify Me on their website ( The next day, my invite was in my email...with the subject line Get early access to Apple Card. Update to iOS 12.4 to apply.  I updated to iOS 12.4 like it stated, and once that was done I went to Settings...Wallet & Apple Pay...Add Card, and Apple Card was there as an option. I applied from there!

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Re: Apple Card iPhone required?

Apple does not require fingerprint authorization.

Apple does not require facial recognition.

And yes, you can pay your bill even if you lose your phone.

The Apple Card works fine with a passcode.

And if you set up scheduled monthly payments, it doesn’t matter if you lose your phone, your payments will still go through.

There are plenty of credit cards available that do not require an iPhone. GO GET ONE! The whole point of Apple’s card is to sell Apple hardware and encourage use of Apple’s payment method. It’s not for everyone. You may not be it’s target customer. It will be OK.
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