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Appliance connection SCT Application under review

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Appliance connection SCT Application under review

It said I was approved for $3k limit, but when going through the whole process it said that my account was under review, and that I'd recieve a letter in 10 days. So this means I was declined? I have not recieved any hard pull alerts yet. Is there a reconsideration line to call for Appliance connection?

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Cant believe it's been 2 years now, these recoveries are so slow its torturous!
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Re: Appliance connection SCT Application under review

I had that happen on my Boscovs card and I had to call in and verify my identity. 

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Re: Appliance connection SCT Application under review

OP, there's no reconsideration if declined, even if denied due to SageStream/Innovis or unable to verify identity, unfortunately.


I would suggest letting the process play out until you receive the letter.  They won't discuss anything until you've received it.  Potentially, just verification, as mentioned upthread.

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