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Applied for American Express GOLD card

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Re: Applied for American Express GOLD card

CH 13 FILED 4/2017. 

DC 1/2021.




Applied 5/22 for Amex Gold...exactly 5 years 1 month from filing. 

Single HP on EX.


AMEX requested income verification.


There were some issues with processing the 4506-C.




Applied immediately for BCE. APPROVED. SP only.


2 months later, I applied for Amex Hilton. APPROVED. SP ONLY.


1 month after that, I applied for Amex Marriott Bonvoy Bevy. APPROVED. SP only.


After my BK falls off in 4/24, I will begin going for CLIs.



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CH 13 DC 1/5/21 -- I practice AZEO - NEVER above 1% utilization across all cards.

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Re: Applied for American Express GOLD card

@FinStar wrote:

@mfinsmi1 wrote:

@MyDataMyChoice amex usually double pulls for NEW applicants now - after you get it on the persoanl card every new card you apply for business or persoanl will be a soft pull 

Just an FYI. Not every application will have a double hit on TU + EX. Plenty of DPs on single EX HPs without touching TU at all. Obviously, profile-specific.


As far as SP once becoming an AENB member, that's not always 100% the case. While the majority of applicants may experience SP approvals depending on AENB tenure, HPs are still possible with future cards -- there's DPs in the Approvals and Business Credit sections.

This ^^^^^^ Single pull EX for the BCP. None for the Gold 6 months later.

Homeowner since Sept 2020. 2021 Explorer ST Chase 3.1%. Sharing my experiences after BK from learning here. Started 540's.
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Re: Applied for American Express GOLD card

true everything is profile dependent but a double pull does not mean your credit profile is weak or you were/are blacklisted ... ive seen double pulls more common recently from my discord group 

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Re: Applied for American Express GOLD card

I was blacklisted due to BK and including them prior 


no credit pull when applying 



this time I got a credit pull. Tells me they will consider 

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