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Applied for Chase Freedom!


Re: Are the chances good? Considering apping...

All I know is that if it’s been more than 30 days since the last hard pull. The bank will hard pull again if they need to review the app again even if it’s recon. As long as the 2 years history isn’t an authorized user account they should be fine. I applied for chase freedom last year with one year history under my Amex AU account and chase said they couldn’t see it during recon. So it was pointless until I got my very own card. As for the name, I just applied for the freedom card last month (you saw my post on it) and didn’t put my middle name either. But it was on my state id as well and was still approved. I don’t think the middle name is the issue. I would say at this point, it’s a good sign since they need to verify who the person is, rather than denying the app outright. So there’s still a good amount of hope for an approval. Just send the required forms and don’t bug them about it or you’ll seem desperate for the credit. Which is a red flag for most if not all banks.
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Re: Are the chances good? Considering apping...

Thanks all for the hope! He's the primary on all accounts.

So I took him to a local branch the day before yesterday, to have them fax the filled out form to Chase. He didn't prefill the form. We figured it's best the banker did it and fax it over. The personal banker began to fill out the form and misspelled his name as it was on his SS card. It was the only copy we had. She then called Chase verification/fraud department to request another form. She than typed all information onto the form instead of handwriting it. He verified it was correct and she went over to fax it. She said it'll take 24-48 hours to update the faxed document into their system.

The robolady status as of today has changed from the "7-10 days" messaged back to the "30 days" message.

Also, there hasn't been any inquiries yet from the initial app based on his reports.
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Re: Are the chances good? Considering apping...

There should not be  additional HP just for verification 





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Re: Are the chances good? Considering apping...

That sounds much better than 7-10 days. Good luck!
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Re: Are the chances good? Considering apping...

Citi gave me a similar treatment and requested many documents.

When I asked the CSR, she told me it's usually good news because otherwise they would've denied me on the spot.


Hopefully he'll get approved soon Smiley Happy 

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