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Applying for a second Citi Premier

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Applying for a second Citi Premier

So my 24 month clock is up, and it's time to consider what to do about my Citi Premier card.  My plan was to wait another week or so for some inquiries to fall off, and apply for a second one to grab that 60K SUB, then downgrade the old one to a Rewards+.


Has anyone actually done this?  Will Citi approve two of the same card?


I actually thought about downgrading this one first, but I didn't want to risk resetting the clock by doing so.

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Re: Applying for a second Citi Premier


So, there's some ambiguity with the "PC" portion.  IIRC you can downgrade it to a Preferred and it won't reset the clock.  Once it cycles through the system on their end you should be cleared to grab another Premier.  I think the guide is a bit misleading when it says PC inferring that you're going from one of the PR lines to say DC or AA or something completely different.  If the card # stays the same then it shouldn't reset the clock.


I had the premier, got the DC and when the premier was up for renewal I went ahead and PC'd to the DC for it with combining accounts in mind.  I still haven't combined the accounts but, have 2 x DC sitting around.

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Re: Applying for a second Citi Premier

I was able to obtain a 2nd TY Premier with an older [AmEx] version still active/open. So, it's way beyond the 24-month timeframe and there was no issue with applying and getting approved for a 2nd one. I would apply 1st before considering the downgrade given you've likely cleared the 24-month SUB restriction.
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