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Approved After AmEx $1k CLI freeze

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Approved After AmEx $1k CLI freeze

I got my first AmEx (Delta) last year with a starting limit of $1k. Since then I have not been able to get a CLI to save my life! It’s been so frustrating that I just gave up on AmEx entirely and just SD the card.

Today I logged in to my account and was looking at the free credit score from AmEx...and the site says I’m prequalified for the AmEx Everyday card.

I really want to apply because I know how great AmEx can be! For example, my fiancé was approved for the Everyday card in June with $9.9k SL and then requested a CLI for $18k 60 days later and it was approved!!

Long story short...I want to apply but I’m terrified of being approved for another $1k SL that won’t move! Has anyone had success with a higher limit after a CLI “freeze”?
Current Scores: EQ: 666 EX: 690 TU: 693 on 12/2018
Starting Scores: EQ: 590 EX: 596 TU: 596 on 08/2014 from myFico
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Re: Approved After AmEx $1k CLI freeze

what is your current EX fico score and do you have any baddies? that could be the reason

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