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Approved for Apple Card and Turned It Down

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Re: Apple card approval but declined offer

So more of a Pre-approval, not really a true approval?

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Re: Apple card approval but declined offer

@M_Smart007 wrote:

So more of a Pre-approval, not really a true approval?

I guess that was what it was since it was a SP. As at last week when I tried on my Phone, it was straight denial. I will update the title to pre-approval. 

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Re: Apple card approval but declined offer

Sounds like a preapproval offer. Some creditors are sensitive to late payments but if yours is 4 years old then something might be off. You could always try calling in and see if you can recon the SL (not familiar with GS so maybe someone can chime in on that). You can check to see if they were looking at another report as well since TU do pull a couple of other reports and they could be seeing the late on there. 

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Re: Apple card approval but declined offer

Everyone should keep in mind that every time you prequalify for the Apple Card it soft pulls tu but also pulls Sagestream no such thing as a soft inquiry on SS

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Re: Apple card pre-approval but declined offer

@cmoe wrote:

I have been trying to get Apple credit card for months, but I was always being denied even as recently as last week for being recently past due; even though my last past due was 4 years ago. Yesterday I decided to try again when I was checking out some apple products totaling over $2300 on Apple online store. I was surprised to be approved, but at the same time disappointed at the $2100 SL I was approved for. They wanted me to max out the card and then pay the remaining balance with another payment method. I decided to decline the offer and make the entire payment with my AMEX instead. The card would have the lowest limit card in my wallet. I may try again in the future, but that SL is not worth a HP.

For folks trying to get the card and have recently been denied, you may try going through the Apple online store and try checking out some products and see it works for you. 

Sorry for your disappointment in the Apple Card limit, @cmoe.  You're not alone.  I think there have not been many of us who liked our starting limits.  Goldman Sachs was very stingy relative to profile and most of us that got approved had hoped for a higher limit.  That said, they've been pretty generous to those who accept the card and use it moderately to heavily.  The increases come pretty regularly.  So my advice would be to accept any limit they offer and then try to work the limit up with usage. 


Thanks for the suggestion of applying in-store for those trying to qualify.  I've suspected that shopping for Apple products somehow factors into the card approvals and/or limits. 

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