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BB&T and PO Boxes

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BB&T and PO Boxes

Seems as though BB&T hates PO Boxes for applications. That is what I have on my credit reports for my address though. What is their issue? Anyone get around this. My PO Box is in Atlanta (their service area).


Thanks any feedback!

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Re: BB&T and PO Boxes

I don't think it's exclusive to BBT, others also don't like PO boxes.


Workaround would be a UPS mailbox, as that counts as a real address more than a PO. It also allows you to receive mail and packages from other delivery services

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Re: BB&T and PO Boxes

PO Box alot of people dont like are ripe for fraud in my honest opinion

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Re: BB&T and PO Boxes

Many lenders require physical address on app, with PO Box added later.

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Re: BB&T and PO Boxes

Do a change of address from your PO Box to your home address. Fill out app with your home address and your mailing address as your PO and you will be good, once you received card used your PO as your address.

Do not dispute change with CRA

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Re: BB&T and PO Boxes

Echoing the above responses, you would need to provide a physical address OP.  This is pretty standard with the Patriot Act.  As long as both addresses reflect on your CRs it should be no issue going forward.  And, as mentioned above, you can always change it to the PO Box after you're approved and/or in receipt of your card.

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