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BBVA-How many cards?

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Re: t's Re: BBVA-How many cards?

@disney2 wrote:

It's only been a couple months.  I just got the $100 bonus on that one. That's why I was so surprised to see the offer.  

I got two different BBVA CCs late last year, about six weeks apart. I've been preapproved for a third one for awhile now. 


Keep looking on the app. It'll probably return soon enough. 

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Re: t's Re: BBVA-How many cards?

I'd give it 4 months from the last app and try again.

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Re: BBVA-How many cards?

@disney2 wrote:

Well that changed quickly.  I can't get it now and I was looking forward to another 3% category.


Sorry, due to your recent application for BBVA ClearPoints Credit Card with BBVA, we are unable to accept your application at this time.

Sorry for your denialSmiley Sad

Thank you for sharing your DP's.

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