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Not even embarrassed to say it. I've closed 3 comenity accounts in the past several months, only have truevalue and overstock left. Paid them all off and get a fat NO on biglots? LOL.  I really wanted to use them for 0% on furniture. Y'all think INQUIRIES mean nothing to your credit, and the numerical score by itself... sure it doesn't carry a lot of weight, but here i am with a denial on inquries and unable to verify history, which is BS as I've had like 7 comenity accounts that i used monthly in 2014-2016. Sure i can give something from synchrony a nod and go with them on something if i really wanted from ashley for example,  but a lot of ashley furniture ends up at big lots for 1/2 the price. 

Open one, close three. Open one, close three.
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Every approval or denial I've received mentions inqs. It's more of a generic response. The heavy hitter is "unable to verify" in your case. Which is not cool considering you have accounts with them already. Doesn't make any sense. I've seen members get that same response from other lenders.

Sorry ..Inqs really don't mean squat. I've had lenders want to double pull me. After refusing because of the extra inquiry. The lender tell me the extra inquiry doesn't hold weight with them. I still refused, stating if the first pull isn't enough then I don't need their credit. Asked yourself why would the lender tell me the inquiries wouldn't stop them from approving my app, if it really does?


Sorry about your denial. The thicker your file becomes the less impact inqs or new accounts will have on it. It will get better just give it some time.

I've had BK, Repo and Foreclosure. So when I say I understand. It's not just BS talk.

I've risen from the ashes..And so will you!

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Question? Did you apply for the actual Big Lots card or the furniture credit line. When I applied in store when the card came out, I applied directly for the card itself, upon approval the screen asked if I also wanted to apply for the furniture credit line which I declined. I think the furniture credit line is by a company called Progressive. Check Big Lots website, then click on furniture it's usually a learn more banner there.

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